technical training services

technical training services

As part of our integrated offering, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully accredited qualifications, skills programmes, learnerships and
apprenticeships across a range of Sector Education Training Authorities and other accrediting bodies, including:
• Department of Labour (No. 431 Driver Machinery Training)
• Department of Labour (CI 209/3/12/1 First Aid Training)
• Department of Transport (Approval No PRDP(D) 2008/6)
• Transport Education Training Authority (No. TETA 03-017)
• Construction Education Training Authority (No. 5R5016)

APPRENTICESHIPS covers the following disciplines and areas of expertise:

• Artisan Development
• Bricklaying
• Building and Civil Construction
• Carpentry
• Community Housebuilding
• Handyman Training
• Painting and Decor
• Plastering and Tiling
• Plumbing

Heavy Plant and Equipment:
This includes the professional development of operators for equipment
such as articulated dump trucks, locomotives, dozers, loaders, rollers, tractors
and more.

Lifting Machinery:
This includes the professional development and certification of operators for
equipment such as forklifts, overhead cranes, pallet trucks, reach trucks, tower
cranes and more.

Occupational Health and Safety:
• First Aid
• Fire Fighting
• Occupational Health and Safety (SHE Rep)
• Occupational health and Safety Compliance

Our programmes afford employees and individuals the opportunity to:
• Develop a new skill or trade.
• Refresh their knowledge and develop new ways of thinking and application.
• Become certified to operate specific equipment and/or machinery.
• Prepare for trade tests.
• Work towards the completion of their apprenticeship.